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About us

Emerging from the Institute of Cell Culture Technology at the University of Bielefeld in 2009, Xell AG (formerly TeutoCell AG) has grown to become a privately financed, internationally orientated biotech company with a strong focus on innovation and expertise. With more than 20 years of hands-on experience in cell culture, Xell AG has drawn from its academic and technological expertise to become a key partner for the design and distribution of cell culture solutions.

From launching its first commercial products for CHO and hybridoma cell lines in 2010, Xell AG has continuously developed new products and tools for mammalian cell cultivation, benefiting from strong partnerships in industry and academia.

Moving to a new facility in 2015, Xell AG now has additional capacities and has expanded its portfolio of innovative off-the-shelf media to encompass a wider range of cell lines like HEK, as well as applications like enhanced transfection, transient expression and virus production.