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About us

Xell is an innovative partner for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, providing efficient solutions in cell culture technology. Based on its proprietary technology, Xell has developed a range of customized as well as commercial culture media and feeds for the most commonly used cell types (CHO, HEK, Hybridoma and others). Our chemically defined products are free from animal components and compliant with good manufacturing practices (GMP). In addition to our media platform, we offer fast and reliable analytical services, including proprietary methods for amino acid, vitamin or polyamine analyses among others. We also provide cell culture and process services, enabling our clients to better understand cellular behavior and optimize their cultivation processes. At our production site, we offer prototype and large-scale production of liquid and powder media as well as related solutions approved by ISO 9001 QMS.

5 facts about Xell:
1 – Established in 2009 with a separate production facility operating since 2019
2 – Cell culture media, feeds, supplements, buffers and others, plus contract manufacturing services
3 – Agility and flexibility without compromising quality, lead and response times
4 – ISO 9001 compliant, audited and approved by several biotechnology and pharmaceutical clients
5 – Best price-performance ratio in class

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