Spent media analysis – Key to optimizing cell culture processes

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Why analyze cell culture supernatants?

Different mammalian cell lines and clones exhibit distinct metabolic features. Even clones descending from the same parental cell line and expressing the same product can have individual nutritional requirements. Limitations occur when the composition of the used cell culture medium does not match the cells’ requirements. On the one hand, major carbon sources, essential buildings blocks and product precursors such as glucose, amino acids and vitamins can become depleted. On the other hand, oversupply of substrates can lead to unwanted overflow metabolism and inefficient use of provided nutrients. In addition, accumulating waste metabolites negatively impact process parameters and performance of cultures. Lactate accumulation for example influences pH and elevated concentrations of ammonium are toxic to mammalian cells. Spent media analysis aims at monitoring the consumption and production of metabolites over the course of the production process and facilitates the selection of the right cell culture medium and feed combination, as well as the development of suitable feeding strategies.

Do you know what’s limiting your process, or are you still guessing?

We have established fast and robust methods for measuring the concentrations of important cell culture media constituents and metabolites. If you are considering to outsource spent media analysis, get yourself an overview about our available analytical methods or contact us directly to discuss your individual analytical needs.