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Keeping your project on time and up-to-date with Xell’s transparent ordering process

Have your liquid or dry powder production requirements fulfilled by our dedicated teams of experts:

  • Transform your ideas into high-performance materials with the support of our product engineers
  • Reliable lead times guaranteed by our manufacturing team
  • Material compliance through continuous examination carried out by our analytical department
  • Get the documentation you need to meet your project requirements through our quality and compliance management
  • Stay connected to our team of experts and enjoy our first-class customer service, at your disposal, at any time.

Feel confident at all times with our transparent process steps:

Ordering Process at Xell

Xell’s Ordering Process explained

Please note: The timeline may vary depending on customer-specific requirements, availability of raw material, any additional documents required, and product packing.

Also available: Fast track production (AXP – Accelerated Xell Production) – contact us for more details.